September 1, 2013

Dave Manning Featured In “The Bus” A Documentary Film by Damon Ristau

You may have seen him from behind:  Musician Dave Manning tours in his 1965 VW bus at a lazy 50mph all over the American West.  “Vincent, that’s the name of my bus, he likes going about 50.  Any kind of hill though, and its back to 35 in 3rd gear.  The rich folks in their Mercedes going up to Tahoe get really impatient.  In my mind I pretend they are learning the zen of traveling slow.  But really they just want to kill me.”

Manning was recently featured in The BUS; a documentary film by Damon Ristau about how the VW bus went from a post-world war II delivery vehicle to the cultural icon it is today.  VW corporation flew Manning to the factory in Germany for the film’s debut. “It was a red carpet shin-dig.” Manning said, “I told them ‘Your fathers made a car that was cheap, reliable, and easy to fix; a true people’s car. That’s why it is still so loved.’ I think it was a rather socialist message I brought, but they seemed to understand.”

THE BUS aired several times nation-wide on the documentary channel. Dave’s touring lifestyle is a centerpiece of film’s hour-long story.

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