November 4, 2013

A few of our favorite hot springs


Mary and I decided to have our selves a second honeymoon for 2 weeks traveling from Norris Hotspring, my last Montana gig, to Nevada City, CA where we’re at right now.  We charted a course through the most remote and sparsely populated part of the lower 48 states.  We stopped at a few of my favorite hotsprings along the way.  Including Whitehorse Ranch Hotspring in the desert uplands of S.E. Oregon.  It’s 25 miles of dirt road to get here, and 25 more to connect to the highway to Denio, NV (the most remote town in the lower 48 states).  If you look carefully on the cement wall separating the pools you’ll see “HOT and COLD” as if you wouldn’t be able to tell.  Mary was looking great in her new summer dress.  We stayed for a couple nights.

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