January 16, 2014

Canyon Camping, Harmonica & Clarinet

Canyon where I am camping the next several days.  I was there last week and began recording harmonica parts for new album.  I’m playing through mic hooked to 450 watt Speaker.  Then I’m recording with two mics placed about 50 feet behind me.  What I’m picking up is a great natural echo.  I’ll be out there this week and next hopefully finishing harmonica and (gasp) clarinet parts.  I hadn’t touched my clarinet in years, but am working up a couple solos for some of the songs.  Wahooo!

I’ll be at the Lake Havasu VW bus show this coming weekend.  Look foward to seeing old friends.  I’ll send a post.

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January 13, 2014

Camping out with Dawn outside Wikeup, Arizona

Camping out with Dawn outside Wikiup, Arizona.  We were there for four days.  Dawn’s made great progress remodeling the inside of her bus to be a one of a kind Westfalia camper.  It’s a 66 high roof, shipped over from Germany.  EIS is Ice in German, it used to be an ice cream truck.  In this pic, it looks like the whole back end has flown off.  Does it look like that to anyone else?

Mary took the photo while dawn and I were hiking.  I guess she had it all put back together before we got back!

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December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! Etc.  Hope your Christmas was good wherever you are.


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