August 24, 2014

Road Trip Songs, Nevada to Newe Release September 21

Road Trip Songs Cover


My new cd: Road Trip Songs, Nevada to Newe will be released on my 41st Birthday, September 21, 2014, at the house of Newe in Strathdon.  This is the CD that was entirely funded through folk sending in money through the universal net-web.

This will be a house concert in the very room where the cd was recorded. See my Kickstarter video for more:

It will be in the afternoon, 2pm.  For more details, check the link below for now, this is their last house concert.  To reserve tix! Important!  Call them and leave a message:

Booking in advance is important!

For reservations phone: 01975 651251

Price £10 -which includes tea/coffee and fresh baked goods. mmm

Also we’ll be playing in ABZ at  Musa on Friday, September 26th at 8pm.

Wahoo!  Okay, now you know, and now I’m heading to the Burningman artists festival in the remote Nevada Desert for the next two weeks, no phone, no internet.  Okay, okay.


October 1, 2013

Back in the U.S. after a tour and album project in Scotland.

Manning is back in the U.S. after a tour and album project in Scotland.  The Album was fan-funded by a fundraising effort by Manning.  “In the new internet paradigm for music, folk no longer expect to pay for music, but surprisingly, they don’t mind if you ask for money.”Manning launched his Kickstarter in July, and exceeded his funding goal.  “I was relieved the day it reached 100%.  With Kickstarter, if you don’t reach your funding goal, you get none of the money pledged.  It’s a gamble.”

Gambling is familiar to Manning, playing all over Nevada.  I love the wide open spaces.  I consider the three great American Deserts my home.  I maybe the only musician to play at Silverpeak Brewing AND in Silverpeak the town; population 107.  Manning will be playing at Goldfield Days on his way to Reno.

The new album, due out this winter, was recorded at house in the Scottish Highlands built in 1607.  The piano Manning used hadn’t even been moved since 1927.  The fiddler from well-known traditional Scottish band the Old Blind Dogs produced the album. “Jonny Hardie is an amazing musician.”  Manning said, “It was a true privilege to record with him.  That house, and that piano with all it’s history, stories, and ghosts was the perfect place to record this emotional album.”

Reno’s Smoothest Slide Guitar; Jack Rudesill will be laying down tracks on the new Album, and joining Manning for his area shows.  “I get so distracted listening to the great guitar lines Jack lays down, that sometimes I forget to keep playing.”

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