Thanks for taking the time to find my website, I’ve tried to make it quick and easy for you to see what I can do for your place.

I know you’re busy, here’s the deal. Posted here are short videos and MP3 samples from real gigs with the band, no studio/computer hocus-pocus:

Videos recorded at the Aberdeen, Scotland Jazz Festival at their “gorrilla” stage in the central Train Station. These are originals, at pub gigs I do mostly covers/crowd pleasers.

  1. Stormy Monday
  2. Shake Rattle & Roll
  3. Folsom Prison
  4. Finish Your Drink

Rates and dates I’ll work with you, call. If you have any problems with the website, call me, I will email or snail mail you a press kit.

I do this for a living; you WILL get a good show.

Also when you book me I mail you posters ahead of the gig and send press releases to local media who will often run an article about me and your venue. I also diligently maintain email lists for places I travel. If they enjoyed me anywhere nearby before I email them and steer them to your venue. I know making money at live music is tough. I do what I can at my end to get some people through your door.


Dave Manning
Ph: (775) 297-9216